The following is a list of prepared speaking topics that Shelley Noonan can share at your conference or women’s event.  For more details about each potential session, click on the title.

As a seminar speaker and workshop leader, Shelley Noonan delivers an inspiring and motivating message about creating healthy relationships in the home. Her mama always told her she had to learn everything the hard way, and it’s true! All of these messages are from Shelley’s own life experiences and ones she will gladly share with others.

Shelley is a flexible speaker, so if you have a suggested theme in mind, please contact her to discuss it.

Uncover the meaning of authentic, Biblical character training. Home education is an efficient tool of the Lord to train not only your children’s character but also your own.

Sharing homeschool experiences and lessons from Deuteronomy, Shelley Noonan explores how God can use any situation to create character of true worth. Based on seven aspects of Deuteronomy 6:4-9, this sessions shows practical ways that you can cultivate true Biblical character in your children and in yourself.

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Does home educating your children stretch your marriage to the limit? While there is no single success formula for all marriages, there are principles that can be applied to strengthen your relationship. Shelley Noonan divulges the secrets to being a happy homeschool couple in this session. The Noonan’s marriage not only survived but thrived through thirteen years of home educating their children.

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As your children approach the maiden voyage onto the sea of life, you want to make certain their vessels are sea worthy. In this session, Shelley Noonan helps you navigate three lessons from H.M.S. Titanic so you can chart a course for your children.

By learning from the mistakes of the Titanic, you will discover how to teach your children these sea worthy skills.

  • avoid icebergs
  • acquire lifeboats
  • foster lines of communication

While we can never forecast smooth sailing, our goal is to keep their boat afloat as they embark on their life’s voyage.

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Keynote Sessions

Mother’s Retreat

We all know that the three R’s are needed for any balanced curriculum. But did you know that moms need to have the three R’s in their lives so it is complete and balanced?

Shelley Noonan writes a Biblical prescription for the weary mom who needs to be revived and revved up.

  • Revitalize Your First Love –practical suggestions to energize your relationship with God
  • Refresh Your Spirit — ideas for how to take care of yourself
  • Rekindle Your Love Life — reminders not to ignore the marriage relationship

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Mentoring Women

Hannah is the Old Testament woman who portrays the ideal of motherhood. Discover how the Lord used her in a difficult time to raise a godly son who would lead the nation of Israel.

Our study starts in Judges 21:25 with” In those days Israel had no king; everyone did as they saw fit.” Those days are not so different from these days. What was Hannah’s secret to raising a child for God?

Shelley will walk with you through Hannah’s life and teach you several vital life lessons for mothers today.

Have you ever considered Sarah to be one of those difficult women? After all, her name says it all. Princess.

She was beautiful into her 90’s, married a wealthy man, and eventually had a son who adored her. Sarah had it made.

We also know she could throw a fit, manipulate her husband to do what she wanted, and was a bear to work for. And yet, in 1 Peter 3:5 she is held up as a godly example to wives. In Hebrews 11:11 she is praised for her faith, and in Galatians 4:22-31 she represents the Spirit.

In Part 1 of this session, join Shelley as she dives into Sarah’s rich life. In Part 2, uncover several practical life lessons that will help you become the wife God wants you to be today.

Ever feel like you wish you had an older woman to mentor you? Shelley Noonan speaks on the godly woman described in Titus 2 and how she relates to you.

Rather than putting yet another burden on your life, this two-part talk has three goals.

to prepare you for your roles as wife and mother
to offer you a positive attitude toward these directives
to have the word of God prominent in your thinking as it relates to your vocation
In this two-part talk, discover the importance of having a godly older woman as a mentor and the seven life lessons that will equip you for this important call.

“Oooooh, Calgon, take me away!” Sometimes after a stressful day (week, month or year), all we moms really need is to be taken away for some pampering. While a visit to a Spa might be out of the question for you, Shelley Noonan guides you through an intensive, three-part beauty treatment . This Total Mama Makeover will work out the knots and center the weary mom.

  • Revitalize your first love – Energize your relationship with God
  • Rekindle your love life – Re-ignite the fire with your husband
  • Refresh your self – Invest in your body, mind, and spirit

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Be honest. Is it hard for you to have a consistent quiet time? It can be difficult to spend time feasting on God’s Word when you have hungry children clamoring for their breakfast.

Shelley Noonan entices you to sample from the buffet of scripture through a simple three-part taste and see method. Seek-Steep-Savor.

  • Seek His presence
  • Steep in the warmth of His love
  • Savor the flavor of His Word

Her session gives practical ways you can actually get yourself fed through three easy feasting methods. This session is perfect for a leaders’ tea.

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Have you been thinking about starting a home business? Perhaps you are looking for a way to bring in extra income while teaching your children business principles? In this talk by Shelley Noonan entitled Establishing The Home Vineyard, you will learn valuable lessons and gain useful tools to evaluate if a home business is where the Lord is leading you and your family. Based on Proverbs 31.

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He Calls Me Beautiful is a three part Mp3 set recorded at the 2012 Beautiful Conference, hosted in St. Louis. This event was a Christ-centered women’s and teen girls’  conference and concert  featuring well-known author and conference speaker, Shelley Noonan and the 2010 Dove Award nominee for Artist of the Year and writer-singer of “More Beautiful You”, Jonny Diaz.

Beauty is Skin Deep but Ugly Goes to the Bone

Women have been designed by God to be attracted to, admirers of, and creators of beauty!Yet, this God-given gift has been used as a device to discourage us and to hold us to an unattainable standard. In true cookie-cutter fashion, we are told we must look a certain way, wear a certain size, weigh a certain number, and act a certain way in order to capture the ever elusive butterfly of beauty.

The brittle shellac of beauty is indeed merely skin-deep and can mask the truth that ugly goes to the bone. Join Shelley Noonan as she examines how the world’s view of beauty is a cheap imitation of the real thing.

Mirror Mirror on the Wall: Who is the Fairest of Them All?

Whether you like what you see in the mirror or not, mirrors are a part of everyday life no matter your age.
In our lives, we see the reflection of who we are in several mirrors.

  • the mirror of our parents’ eyes
  • the mirror of the world with its ever shifting and unattainable standard of beauty
  • the Mirror that truly matters

In this session, Shelley will lead you through an exercise that reveals the only Mirror that really matters and introduced to a beauty treatment that is life changing. The best part? You will discover the Fairest one of all.

Just Who Do You Think You Are? He Calls You Beautiful

Let me ask you a question –Just who do you think you are?

The negative thoughts about ourselves, the ones we repeat in our heads day in and day out, are just as destructive as a rock thrown through a window. In this final session of the beauty series, Shelley illustrates how negative thoughts can vandalize the very temple of the living God.

Shelley encourages you to turn to Him and ask, “Who do You think I am?” You will be amazed to find out He calls you beautiful!

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Mentoring Mothers of Daughters

Join Shelley Noonan as she encourages and motivates you to make the most of the time you spend with your daughter. Shelley shares her own brand of practical wisdom so that you will discover four keys to mentoring your daughter.

Learn how to capture the moments and make them special. Hear various ways to mentor and find resources to make the time that you spend with your daughter unforgettable!

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During the tween years, daughters are going through a variety of drastic changes. As she makes the delicate transition from girlhood into womanhood, it can be overwhelming for the girl and also for the mom.

In this session designed for mothers of girls between the ages of ten and fourteen, Shelley Noonan shares these practical mentoring tips.

  • ways to talk to your daughter about her changing body
  • ways to commemorate the occasion
  • a timeline of age appropriate information

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Is your daughter prepared for life? Mothers, you know that your daughter’s transition from beautiful girlhood to beyond beautiful girlhood can be the most frightening and exciting of times.

Discover how to prepare your daughter in three key areas of her life in this session by Shelley Noonan. She gives you encouraging examples and practical application to equip you to prepare your daughter for the day when she will manage her home, her life, and her spirit.

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Why it is that some of the most teachable times a family has is around a table? Join Shelley as she introduces moms to a variety of subjects and numerous training methods that can be taught during this most “Tea”chable of times…tea time.

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Mentoring Mothers of Sons

What are little boys made of? Some of us mothers are still wondering!

In this workshop by Shelley Noonan, you will learn the six time-proven building blocks that your son will need to learn in order to be a godly man. You will laugh, be challenged, and be encouraged as Shelley mentors moms of boys through this sometimes bumpy road of raising a little boy into a godly man.

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When knighthood was at its height a knight was considered to be the King’s man. A knight served the King loyally and lived by a very specific and detailed code. This code was called Chivalry and it was a set of rules which governed knight’s behavior and their interaction with others. Chivalry was based upon biblical principles such as loyalty, humility, charity, mercy and honor.

The lofty ideals of knighthood are a good pattern for the Christian man’s life. While the training for knighthood was done by men, today mothers play an important role in the training process of their sons. Join Shelley as she explains how moms can use their position as Queen Mother to train sons to become the King’s Man.

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Fathers of Daughters

The Three Weavers

What are little girls made of? Sugar and Spice and everything nice.

While this is not the only information a father has about his daughter, dads are often unaware of who their daughters are and what makes them tick.In this session, Shelley Noonan teaches dads what their parenting styles are and how this style affects their little girls. Shelley also helps fathers gain insight into the daughters’ hearts and shares methods to develop a relationship beyond sugar and spice. This talk is based on Robert and Shelley Noonan’s book The Three Weavers Plus Companion Guide.

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The Principles of the Three Weavers

Six Keys to Guarding your Daughter’s Heart.

The first man a little girl falls in love with is her father. Yet fathers are often unaware of the crucial role they play in their daughter’s lives as they grow from little girls to young women.

In this speaking topic, Shelley Noonan teaches fathers the five keys to guarding their daughters’ hearts. (This talk is based on  Bob and Shelley’s book The Three Weavers Plus Companion Gude.)

Studies show that close, healthy father-daughter relationships create a sense of academic competence and a stronger sense of femininity in girls. In addition, girls are less likely to engage in early sexual behavior when the father-daughter relationship is strong.  In this session, fathers come to understand the valuable role they can play. They learn how to capture their daughters’ hearts, how to encourage them to stay pure, and how to ensure they marry godly men.

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In this session designed for parents, Shelley helps you teach your children that manners do matter.

Like it or not, people judge you by your manners. All of us want to be liked and accepted so knowing the rules of the game helps children feel comfortable and allows them to focus on the more genteel aspects of social contact.

In this session, parents learn

  • why manners are important
  • the art of the first impressions
  • the hidden communication of body language
  • tips for teaching manners to your children

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I don’t know what you’ve been told. (echo)

Manners aren’t just for the old. (echo)

Kids of character wear ‘em proud. (echo)

Let me hear you say this loud, (echo)


Boot Camp, (echo)

Manners Boot Camp. Huuu-Yah! (echo)

TENN- HUT!!! Boot camp has traditionally referred to the initial indoctrination and instruction given to new military personnel.
Manners Boot Camp is an interactive hour of fun and instruction given to young men and ladies on the topic of manners. Most people don’t associate manners and boot camp, but Shelley Noonan humorously lays out the drill when it comes to etiquette. During this session, she makes manners easy for everyone to understand and apply to everyday life. This is a fun and interactive workshop that teens will enjoy.

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