He Calls Me Beautiful

He Calls Me Beautiful is a three part Mp3 set recorded at the 2012 Beautiful Conference, hosted in St. Louis. This event was a Christ-centered women's and teen girls' conference and concert featuring well-known author and conference speaker, Shelley Noonan and the 2010 Dove Award nominee for Artist of the Year and writer-singer of “More Beautiful You”, Jonny Diaz.

Beauty is Skin Deep But Ugly Goes To The Bone

Women have been designed by God to be attracted to, admirers of, and creators of beauty!Yet, this God-given gift has been used as a device to discourage us and to hold us to an unattainable standard. In true cookie-cutter fashion, we are told we must look a certain way, wear a certain size, weigh a certain number, and act a certain way in order to capture the ever elusive butterfly of beauty.

The brittle shellac of beauty is indeed merely skin-deep and can mask the truth that ugly goes to the bone. Join Shelley Noonan as she examines how the world’s view of beauty is a cheap imitation of the real thing.

Mirror Mirror on the Wall: Who is the Fairest of Them All?

Whether you like what you see in the mirror or not, mirrors are a part of everyday life no matter your age.
In our lives, we see the reflection of who we are in several mirrors.

  • the mirror of our parents’ eyes
  • the mirror of the world with its ever shifting and unattainable standard of beauty
  • the Mirror that truly matters

In this session, Shelley will lead you through an exercise that reveals the only Mirror that really matters and introduced to a beauty treatment that is life changing. The best part? You will discover the Fairest one of all.

Just Who Do You Think You Are? He Calls You Beautiful

Let me ask you a question –Just who do you think you are?

The negative thoughts about ourselves, the ones we repeat in our heads day in and day out, are just as destructive as a rock thrown through a window. In this final session of the beauty series, Shelley illustrates how negative thoughts can vandalize the very temple of the living God.
Shelley encourages you to turn to Him and ask, “Who do You think I am?” You will be amazed to find out He calls you beautiful!

He Calls Me Beautiful MP3 Set